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Kingcamp Cooler Box 43L Green KG3794

About Kingcamp Cooler Box 43L Green KG3794

The cooler box can keep the food cool for a longer time, the more ice you put in, the better the effect is. But it can not refrigeration itself. KingCamp Cooler box KG3794 can keep our luch or dinner fresh when we go out for picnic.the principle of insulation is to cut down heat exchange by filling PU insulation material in the case.All the marterial is food grade, please feel free to use it.


  • KingCamp® Cooler box Effective volume : 43L(11.3 us gal)
  • Unibody casing, hard and durable. You can use it as a chair or a table provisionally.
  • Safe material for food, and easy to clean liner.
  • Ice box is fixed inside the cover to improve the effect of the insulation. It is removable.
  • Easy to move with handle and wheel. You also can get a strap on the triangle.
  • Small opening in the cover for easier to take sth out quickly.
  • Rustproof, leak-resistant drain.
  • Material : HDPE for case,PS for inner,PU for insulating filling(both filling in cover and case)

About Kingcamp Brand

The KingCamp Brand was founded by Shu Guoking from China who in 1993 trekked across China into Europe where the freedom and beauty of the outdoors led to be making the decision to return to his native home to begin the process of building a company that would make accessing the beautiful outdoors globally easy and affordable without compromising quality or performance.Shu developed the corporate motto of; “LEARN TO LOVE OUTDOORS” as a result of his experiences.

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Kingcamp Cooler Box 43L Green KG3794

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