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About Magene C406 GPS Smart Bike Computer Black

C406 features a 2.5 inch FSTN “Infinite Screen”, which provides a more advanced sense of design and allows the unit to display a whole host of data. This allows users to get all the important data they need with the data page settings. The C406 is the most attractive, competitive and advanced product in the entry-level market.

Infinite Screen Design

  • Break the limitation, do what you want to do. Highly flexible settings for data pages, vastly improve the end user experience. Maximum 30 data pages to use, a single data page can show seven data items, each single data field has 16 choices.

Includes an Aerodynamic Bike Computer Mount

  • Designed with aerodynamics in mind, it’s only the 2nd bike computer in the world to be designed with aerodynamic principles, furthermore it weighs only 29 grams. Its aerodynamic shape designed to minimize aerodynamic drag.

Compatible With a Wide Variety of ANT+ and Bluetooth Sensors

  • Not only support for ANT+ sensors but also Bluetooth sensors, a first for a unit in this price range. Supports binding of sensors, multiple sensors of the same type can be bound to the device.

Comprehensive functions for data display and device settings

  • Nine data categories with 37 available data items and 26 adjustable bike computer settings. Comprehensive bike computer data and setting functions, estimated rider power (for non-power meter users), support for power-meter data and lap counting functions, even supporting left/right power balance data recording. Whether you are a beginner, advanced or professional training user, the C406 can meet all your needs.

Four-satellite positioning systems with long battery life

  • Support for GPS, Beidou, Galileo, and Glonass global navigation systems. Provides 30-hour endurance and supports simultaneous charging and recording

Automatic backlight/Automatic time setting

  • Calculates sunrise and sunset time based on information from GPS and supports automatic time adjustment with Bluetooth and GPS IPX6 waterproof Waterproof, anti-splash, well-designed, no need to be afraid of wind and rain.

Specifications :

  • Screen Size : 2.5 inches
  • Endurance : 30 hours
  • Charging Time :3.5 hours
  • Standby Time : more than half a year
  • Positioning System : 4-Satellite positioning system positioning
  • Waterproof Rating : IPX6
  • Extensible Peripherals : heart band, pedal, speedometer, power meter
  • Training Function : ring recording, heart rate warning, power warning
  • Automatic Backlight : Yes
  • Automatic Calibration : Yes
  • Product Size : 86.5*51.6*21.6mm
  • Storage Capacity : 8M
  • Compatible : Strava

About Magene Brand

Qingdao Magene Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. was established in December 2015. The company focuses on the research and development of cutting-edge scientific and technological products, manufacturing intelligent sports equipment, and providing sports intelligent solutions. It integrates research and development, combines with scientific innovation and sports technology coordinates with production and sales service. We are dedicated to improving the people's sports enthusiasm user experience, by providing high-end indoor riding equipment, customized hardware, and software support. Magene has gradually become the leading domestic enterprise in the indoor cycling field and will soon march in the field of mass fitness and international sports.
'Magene' is combined with 'magnetic' and 'gene', which symbolizes we are a technology company with attraction and innovation. The mission of Magene is to create first-class intelligent sports equipment for professional athletes and sports enthusiasts, with wonderful user experience and excellent product quality

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Magene C406 GPS Smart Bike Computer Black

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