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About Nitefighter Helmet Mount AC-220

In serpentine trails and unbeaten path, you’d rather mount the Nitefighter BT40 and 158C, the two powerful headlamp on your helmet instead of keeping their beam

Instead of attaching the lights on bike handlebar keeping the light beam fixed, it’s a wise decision to mount the Nitefighter BT40 and 158C front bike lights on the helmet for better control and visibility with your head movement. Using Nitefighter Helmet Mount AC – 220, you can mount the two powerful headlamps(Nitefighter BT40 and 158C) on your helmet.

Note - The Nitefighter BT40 light comes along with a helmet mount. Buy this product only if you need a replacement or spare.

About Cycle Lights

Cycling lights serve two purpose. One, to be seen on the road. Other, to see. Ideally suited for evening, night and early morning rides, cycling lights are an essential bike accessories riding without which is a risky affair. From powerful head lamps to flashy(and blinking) red rear lights enhance your visibility on the road. While a moderate headlamp would suffice to ride in an urban riding conditions, whereas you may need to clip the most powerful head lamp to your bike if you’re going on an extended trail ride.

About Nitefighter

Nitefighter, a brand synonymous with brightness and reliability, is one of the emerging leader in high-performance bike lights. Nitefighter struggling since 2002, after gaining insights and experience has made remarkable achievements in management, product design. Founded in 2011, Nitefighter have brought about a rich catalogue of unmatchable bike lights for bikers, campers and hikers. Through user reviews and research and development, Nitefighter products has been in the forefront of sporting LED light evolution.

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Nitefighter Helmet Mount AC-220

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