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About Nuckily PB13 Road Cycling Helmet Green


The Nuckily PB13 Helmet comes with PC integrated edging shell + EPS material, multiple protections to protect the personal safety of cyclists.


Effective Resistance To Impact

PC integrated edging shell + EPS material, multiple protections to protect the personal safety of cyclists.

Six-Layer Process Fully Covers The Head

  • PC integrated edging shell to effectively reduce wind resistance.
  • Insect net pads to prevent insects and other foreign objects from entering the helmet.
  • EPS material filling layer to increase protection strength.
  • Removable cleaning lining to keep your head dry and comfortable.
  • Lightweight breathable adjustment belt, high strength and high wear resistance.
  • Plastic fixed snap button, full of elasticity and good toughness.

24 Ventilation Holes, Comfortable And Breathable

  • Streamlined design, with the help of aerodynamic principles, reduces wind resistance
  • Anti-Insect Net liner, Removable And Washable Lining
  • Effectively prevent insects and other foreign objects from entering the helmet during riding, easy to clean, and keep the head dry and comfortable.
  • Head Circumference Adjuster, Screw-Type Convenient Adjustment
  • The use of high toughness materials can improve comfort and increase the safety factor.

Hat Eaves PC Edging Shell

Different from the previous helmets, we use a high-cost brim edging process to improve the quality, smooth touch, reduce wind resistance, and increase speed without hindering riding.

Helmet Strap Adjustment System

During the riding process, you can also fine-tune the tightness of the helmet strap. The nylon strap is made of environmentally friendly materials

Integrated Anti-Insect Net Pad

The upgraded version of the anti-insect net pad effectively prevents foreign objects such as insects from entering the helmet during riding. The lining is removable and washable. It is easy to clean, moisture-absorbing and breathable, and keeps the head dry and comfortable

Design Of Head Circumference Adjustment System

The rotation of the buckle can adjust the buckle in the helmet to meet the riders with different head circumferences and achieve a comfortable fixing effect.

Comfortable Thickened Chin Pad

One-button buckle adjusts comfort. Numerous breathable small holes in the pad have a sweat-absorbing effect. It can be disassembled for easy cleaning to avoid the growth of bacteria


  • Material : EPS + PC.
  • Suitable for : Electric Bicycle,Motorcycle,Mountain Bicycle,Road Bike,Touring Bicycle.
  • Dimensions And Weight
  • Product weight : 0.2500 kg.
  • Package weight : 0.3800 kg.
  • Product size (L x W x H) : 36.50 x 25.00 x 23.00 cm / 14.37 x 9.84 x 9.06 Inches.
  • Package size (L x W x H): 37.00 x 25.50 x 23.50 cm / 14.57 x 10.04 x 9.25 Inches.

About Nuckily Brand

Nuckily is a technical sports apparel brand, founded in Guangdong, China (The World Manufacture Centre) in 2012.Being passionate about the outdoor and sport activities. The cycling clothes collection is designed for all level riders from a novice to a professional. The main goal of the company is to provide a wide range of products to keep you outdoor, doing sport you love all the year round. At Nuckily, the in-house design and development team works with many global partners. Expert knowledge about different materials and manufacturing technology necessary for delivering the highest quality products makes the company stand out. The creation of stylish and durable apparel allows its users to forget about outfit and focus fully on their sport.

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Nuckily PB13 Road Cycling Helmet Green

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