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MKS Allways Ezy Superior Bicycle Pedal Black

About MKS Allways Ezy Superior Bicycle Pedal Black

"ALL WAYS" named because it can be used for multiple purposes from off-road to urban style

  • Uses spike pins with low aggression. You can feel free to use it even with everyday shoes.
  • Considering the shape of the shoe, the concave design is slightly concave toward the center of the pedal. This stabilizes the foot position so that it sticks, and provides grip even if it is not a hard spike pin.
  • Uses triple shield bearings. Smooth rotation performance provides comfortable pedaling.
  • A stylish appearance with a shot blast finish.
  • A clipless strap can be attached.
  • The cap is also responsible for bearing adjustment, so opening it may cause rattling.
    Please be careful.

Specifications :

  • Color : Black
  • Body : Aluminum
  • Size : W84 x L110 (effective tread L92)
  • Tread : Both sides
  • Bearing : Triple shield bearing
  • Toe clip attached : Impossible
  • Reflector : Cannot be installed
  • Recommended use : Touring,Off-road,City ride
  • weight : 381g

About MKS Brand

MKS is the pedal brand of Mikashima Industrial Company Limited. The Mikashima Industrial Company was founded as an aircraft component manufacturer in 1943, converted its operations to pedal manufacturing in 1946, and was established as a limited company in 1949. Our 70+ years of operations have been managed by the Ogino family, and is currently led by President Toshiyuki Ogino with guidance from Chairman Kohichro Ogino.

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MKS Allways Ezy Superior Bicycle Pedal Black

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