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MKS Grafight XX Pedal White

About MKS Grafight XX Pedal White

The GRAFIGHT-X was one of the earliest pedals on the market to use Synthetic Fiberglass Resin- which we proudly proclaimed to be nearly half of the weight of an aluminium alloy pedal body while being twice as ridged and strong. While originally developed for BMX, we have found this to be an excellent pedal for e-bikes, and are making the pedal in 5 colours (White, Black, Red, Blue, and Khaki).


  • Labyrinth dust seal that provides excellent water and dust proofing.
  • MKS’s hand adjusted cup and cone bearing system.
  • 21 molded protrusions in three shapes to provide a stable grip.
  • Design that is slightly concave toward the center of the pedal.
  • Available with a ½" spindles.


  • Colour : White
  • Body : Reinforced Plastic
  • Size : W102 × L87
  • Step Area : Double sided
  • Bearing : Cup and Cone Bearings
  • Toe Clip : Non
  • Reflector : Installed
  • Purpose : TOURING/ OFF-ROAD / CITY
  • Weight of Pair : 440g
  • Note : Size:W=width(mm)、L=length(mm)

About MKS Brand

MKS is the pedal brand of Mikashima Industrial Company Limited. The Mikashima Industrial Company was founded as an aircraft component manufacturer in 1943, converted its operations to pedal manufacturing in 1946, and was established as a limited company in 1949. Our 70+ years of operations have been managed by the Ogino family, and is currently led by President Toshiyuki Ogino with guidance from Chairman Kohichro Ogino.

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MKS Grafight XX Pedal White

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