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About Smart Cliq Cycling Tail Light

CLIQ - Exclusively for SBL - By Hauteworks

We have re-invented the bike light.

World leading custom engineered optics. Drone powered smart braking. Smart anti-theft. Class leading water proofing. Smart Mounts. Group sync. Flash customisations. Smart app.

World leading safety, starting with the optics.

A custom engineered and patented triple lens system, with the sole aim to make you as visible as possible on the road - whether it being night or day.

Cliq is built with miniature total internal reflection (TIR) lenses - technology utilised in planes and high-end automobiles. The lenses allow for light to be projected evenly and efficiently at close, long and wide angles, whilst maintaining a 90 lumen peak brightness - making Cliq the most visible bike light on the planet.

Lets not forget about daylight visibility.

An essential aspect of modern cycling is ensuring that your bike light is day light visible. The importance of this is unprecedented, as the modern cyclist shares the road with motor vehicles, and therefore requires a bike light that can show prominence whilst cycling normally, and braking.

You can be rest assured that this is where the Cliq shines.

Power from our custom silicon that you can actually see.

The custom silicon that we have created for the Cliq allows for features that are simply not found on any other bike light. The cliq will link up with your phone to utilize the anti-theft feature, group sync and fully customize the light patterns. In addition, the CPU will manage the auto brake with its in-built advanced accelerometer. All this whilst still maintaining class leading battery life.

Great engineering takes time.

  • Custom CPU : Engine - Dual cores handle everything efficiently.
  • Drone-Powered Accelerometer : For Accuracy - Technology found in drones is now in your bike light.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity : Essential connectivity - Linking your bike light to your phone.
  • Anti-theft : For peace of mind - Manage the anti-theft features through your phone.
  • Group Sync : Connecting everyone - Lets you link up with other cyclists when you need.
  • Pattern customisation : Strobe your way - Allowing for customization to suit your mood.

Anti-theft Technology

Cliq detects harsh and unfamiliar movements on your bike. When this happens, and you are away from your bike, you will be alerted from the alarm via the mobile app.

Because peace of mind is important.

Leave your bike anywhere. As long as Cliq is attached, and synced with your phone, you will know if something strange is up.

A first in a smart light.

Group Sync & Pattern Customization

It's safer in a pack. Cliq's smart AI lets you synchronize your flashing pattern with nearby Cliq lights. You also have the option to customize how and when your LED glows.

And everything is controlled through your phone.

Cliq's very own app, My Rayo, is available on both iOS and Android.

My Rayo will allow you to link with Cliq and customize your patterns, sync with other riders and alert you if someone is trying to steal your bike.

Splashes? No worries.

  • IP67 rating : Highest rating of any Smart Bike Light.
  • Rain resistant : Rain will never be a problem again.
  • Dirt/Dust resistant : Be confident enough to take it anywhere.

    The Most Accurate Auto Brake Light

    Reacts faster than you can say BRAKE!

    Hardware found in high end drones resides within the Cliq. Coupled with advanced algorithms, the Cliq provides the most accurate and instantaneous brake light activation of any smart bike light.

    Designed with the city in mind.

    Your Seat post Guaranteed

    Don't worry about the fit. Three connector parts let you mount it on any seat post no matter your bike's make, model, or age.

    Smart seatpost.

    Have you ever seen a mount that will let you adjust the angle of your light? Well, here it is.

    As major European countries are starting to require bike lights to be positioned at specific angles, in a bid to reduce the blinding effects of ultra bright bike lights, we have been working together with them to come up with a solution.

    Introducing, the Smart Seatpost Mount.

    Smart saddle too.

    Beyond Cycling

    • Whether you are running, walking, skateboarding, or even walking your dog.
    • Clip the Cliq, anywhere.

      Up to 20 hours battery life. USB rechargeable. Huge 1000mAh battery.

      Do you even need anything else?


      • Dimensions : 67 x 35 x 31 mm
      • Weight : 65g
      • Light Output : 90 lm
      • IP rating : IP67
      • Connectivity : Bluetooth Low Energy
      • Material : PC Silicon

      What's in the Box

      About Smart Bike Lights

      Smart offer a wide range of bike safety lights, including front, rear and twin light sets. Not only do Smart offer compact and affordable lights, but enough options that you'll be sure to find the one that suits you.

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