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Sram Force 22 Shifter Front Left Hydraulic Disc Break

About Sram Force 22 Shifter Front Left Hydraulic Disc Brake


Force 22 HRD shift-brake levers combine all the great performance of mechanical 11-speed with the performance of a hydraulic disc braking system. With our trademark Reach Adjust as well as improved ergonomics for better finger wrap, our HydroR controls are the touch point for better braking. Our hydraulic brakes deliver more braking force with less hand effort and better modulation.


  • Lever body design offering improved finger wrap and improved comfort and control.
  • Internals with an optimized bleed port location for easier access.
  • Shift paddle design is both lighter weight and offers improved finger clearance.


  • Recommended use Road
  • Oil type DOT 5.1
  • Caliper mounting Post Mount

What is Brake Lever ?

The brake lever transmits the force applied by the rider through either a mechanical or hydraulic mechanism. Bicycles with drop handlebars may have more than one brake lever for each brake to facilitate braking from multiple hand positions. Levers that allow the rider to work the brakes from the tops of the bars, introduced in the '70s, were called extension levers, safety levers.

About Sram Brand

SRAM was founded on a single product in 1987 and introduced the Grip Shift (or twist shift) shifter to the road bike market in 1988. In 1991 that technology was adapted for mountain bikes, and SRAM quickly grew. SRAM's story begins In early 1987 with founder Stan Day training for and racing in triathlons.

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Sram Force 22 Shifter Front Left Hydraulic Disc Break

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