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New Sram Red 22 Rear Dearilleur B-Bolt Kit

About Sram Red 22 Rear Dearilleur B-Bolt Kit


SRAM Derailleur B-bolt/Axle Kits.


B-bolt/axle kit includes aluminum B-bolt/axle, dust shield, and ring clip


Model Red22

What are the features of a bolt?

The cylindrical portion of the bolt is called shank. The tail end of the bolt is threaded to a sufficient length so that a nut can be engaged on it. And also the end of the shank is chamfered for inserting in a hole and a nut on it easily. In order to completely specify a bolt.

About Sram Brand

SRAM was founded on a single product in 1987 and introduced the Grip Shift (or twist shift) shifter to the road bike market in 1988. In 1991 that technology was adapted for mountain bikes, and SRAM quickly grew. SRAM's story begins In early 1987 with founder Stan Day training for and racing in triathlons.

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Sram Red 22 Rear Dearilleur B-Bolt Kit

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