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Sugino Track Cogs Gigas Alloy Silver (13-T)

About Sugino Track Cogs Gigas Alloy Silver (13-T)

SUPER GIGAS Sprocket, high polish finish, ultra light, perfectly round, low friction and very smooth, made of GIGAS aluminum alloy, comes in three finishes.

  • Chain Size : 1/2"" × 1/8""
  • Thread : BC1.37 × 24T
  • Material : GIGAS alloy
  • Teeth : 14T
  • Color : S3 Platinum , Gold , Silver
  • *Non NJS.

About Sugino Brand

Sugino has over a century of experience baised in Japan as a bicycle parts maker focusing on high-end parts.Because of its reliable quality, Sugino also produces OEM parts for well-known complete bicycle makers.Especially, its drive-train parts are chosen by many athletes in various competitions, such as Tour de France, Giro d'Italia, World Championship, Olympics, etc. and contribute their winnings.Thus, with the know-how accumulated through its long experience, Sugino can offer higher-quality parts.

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Sugino Track Cogs Gigas Alloy Silver (13-T)

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