Vittoria Inflate And Repair Cartridge For Road Pit Stop Kit 75ml

Pit Stop road racing is an “inflate and repair” cartridge latex based, ideal for either tubulars and clinchers and tubeless tires systems. The universal head is compatible with Presta, Schrader and Regina valves so it is able to inflate almost every standard of the market.The Liquid latex contained in the can is injected in the tube (both tubulars or clinchers) as a foam, filling the tube and repairing holes up to 1mm. It turns back to liquid after a couple of minutes, especially if riding immediately after the injection. In liquid form it will keep on protecting against possible punctures and the tipical pressure loss of latex tubes which are commonly used on high-end tubulars.The mixture between latex and CO2 contained in the cartridge is optimized to inflates a 21-28″ tubular up to 6 bars, far enough to get home or finish the race. Latex density is a compromise between an easy erogation (it needs to enter inside the valve) and repairing strenght.A few key points to remind: - The repair is definitive, you don’t have to change the tube or the tubular. - You can use the Pit Stop before having a flat as a preventive. - The Pit Stop seals the porosities of the latex inner tubes resulting in reduced typical air loss of latex inner tubes. - It offers a minimum of 3 months prevention after injected. - Inflation pressure can be normlaly fine tuned with a floor pump after Pit Stop has been injected.


Latex foam Works with Presta and Schrader valves Compatible with tubular and clincher tires

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Vittoria Inflate And Repair Cartridge For Road Pit Stop Kit 75ml

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