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Brooks Slender Grips Cambium Black 130mm

About Brooks Slender Grips Cambium Black 130mm -Csg2 A06000

Brooks England Cambium Slender Grips feature cotton and rubber tape, and are designed to offer an alternative performance option for the user, while maintaining the standard for sustainability set by the Plump Grips, allowing the user to replace worn parts if necessary.
The design incorporates an aluminium shell around which the bar tape is wrapped in the manner of traditional handle bar tape. The cotton is then held in place by aluminium and steel clamps which can be removed in the event that the tape requires replacement.


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Brooks Grips Slender Cambium Black 130Mm -Csg2 A06000


Brooks England




130/130mm length (for trigger shifter)

130/100mm (for grip shifter rear)

100/100mm (for grip shifter front + rear)

About Brooks Brand

Brooks England is a bicycle saddle manufacturer originally based in Smethwick, West Midlands, England, but now based in Italy. It has been making leather goods since 1866, when it was founded in Hockley, Birmingham.

  • Industry: Bicycle saddle manufacturer
  • Parent: Selle Royal group (Italy)
  • Area served: England

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Brooks Slender Grips Cambium Black 130mm

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