Ibera Fully Adjustable Cycle Bottle Cage IB-BC4

About Ibera Fully Adjustable Cycle Bottle Cage IB-BC4

The bottle cage that RoadCyclingUK called "Revolutionary"

Fully adjustable bottle cage, works with more bikes, more bottles. 


Utilising two innovative design features, the Fine Tune extends the utility of the conventional bottle cage.


The cage tilts 35 degrees each way laterally: bottles can be inserted or removed from the side of the bike frame – great for compact frames.

Width Adjustable

The diameter of the cage is variable (63–73 mm) allowing a range of bottles to be securely carried. Fit bicycle bottles or smaller, non-standard bottles. 

  • Tilt-loading for easy bottle access on compact frames
  • Width-adjustable for small or standard bottles


Heat-treated aluminium, durable nylon. Attachment hardware included.


78 g

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Ibera Fully Adjustable Cycle Bottle Cage IB-BC4

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