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About MET Veleno Mountain Bike Helmet, White-Black

MET Veleno is one of the oldest mountain bike helmet that still rules the off-road line-up. MET Veleno 2016 helmet is aggressively styled with its porcupine finish at the back and most of its features are designed to keep the head cool in the competitive race environment.

To toughen it up, the two parts of the helmet shells (the interior which is generally black or grey polystyrene and the coloured polycarbonate exterior) are fused together during the moulding process. The two parts when fused together offers better protection in case of an impact. For a smooth and robust finish, the polycarbonate shell wraps the bottom of the helmet towards the inside of the shell.

MET Veleno uses SAFE-T SMART ADVANCED as a size adjuster using which bikers can dial in the fit according to their head size. Adjuster dial at the back allows 2mm of precise movements per click for horizontal adjustment. While vertical adjustment allows 4 steps to position where the helmet touches your head at the back. SAFE-T SMART ADVANCED is welded at the time of the fusion and goes around the whole circumference of the helmet, which not only accounts for a secure fit but also absorbs shock in case of an impact.

For a luxurious and comfortable fit, MET Veleno is equipped with FRONT PAD GEL O2(gel padding) that instead of absorbing, channel the sweat away from the face of the rider. Adequate hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial foam padding is used wherever it’s required. The front gel pad and the foam pad are washable in nature.  

Three-point removable visor enhance vision by keeping the branches, rain, sun and mud flicked up at bay. It also funnels the air towards the large intake vents allowing your head to breathe.

Robust ventilated KEVLAR straps are not only lightweight further reducing the weight of the helmet but add another feather in terms of ventilation and breathability. LATERAL DIVIDERS to adjust the helmet straps works like a charm. All you’ve to do is unlock them, position them correctly and block it for a secure and snug fit.

Reflective stickers at the back brighten up when exposed to light, making the rider much more visible in low-lighting conditions.

A design that turns head and features(vents big and small in plenty, visor, front gel padding, breathable Kevlar straps) that keep your head cool makes MET Veleno one of the best selling mountain bike helmets worldwide. Buy MET Veleno cycling helmet online in India at

Top Features

  • FRONT PAD GEL O2, front gel padding at the forehead. Foam padding in plenty where required.
  • Ventilated Kevlar straps, lightweight and breathable.
  • Three-point removable visor
  • Reflective sticker at the back
  • SAFE-T SMART ADVANCED size adjusting system
  • MET rates it at 7.5/10 in terms of ventilation

Specification :

  • Weight : 305g(M), 330g(L)
  • Size : M(54 - 57 cm), L(58 - 61 cm)

    About Helmets

    It’s not advisable to ride without a protection gear especially a head gear. It could save your life in case you’re involved in an accident. Cycling helmets available these are categorized as road helmets, MTB helmets, aero helmets(for time trials and racing events). They’re manufactured to be lightweight yet robust, with enough vents for breathability and adjustable nylon straps to adjust according to your comfort zone.

    About Met Brand

    Founded in 1987, MET insists on quality. The most visible expression of this care is the legendary durability and inimitable style of all the helmets. Whether they are products for the highest level of competition, for leisure or for children, all MET helmets benefit from the same high standard of care and design. All MET helmets are designed, developed and manufactured in Italy, at Talamona, in the heart of the Italian Alps. It’s no coincidence that the MET brand has always been associated with the values that define its Alpine heritage: efficiency, attention to detail, performance, a refined aesthetic and sustainable development. Their Italian roots are evident in all what they do.

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    MET Veleno MTB Helmet, White-Black

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