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Pilo D505 Derailleur Hanger For Bergamont Black

About Pilo D505 Derailleur Hanger For Bergamont Black

This Rear gear mech derailleur hanger manufactured by PILO.
Material: CNC machined 6061 T651 aviation aluminium.
Color: black, anodized finish.
Our catalog number: D505

D505 Description:

Number of fasteners : 1
Mounting on frame : Outer
Shape of Step : Curved Line
Axle diameter : 5 mm (Standard QR)
Material CNC aluminium
Derailleur mount type : Standard mount

CNC Technology

CNC machined derailleur hangers are made from highest quality aircraft aluminium mark 6061 T651 with high precision. Because of it, CNC derailleur hanger improves gear shifting. Comparing Cast replacement or OEM derailleur hanger with CNC machined hanger, CNC replacement derailleur hanger dropout noticeably looks greater because of nice black anodized finish. Of course price is a bit higher than the cast derailleur hanger, but quality and functionality worth it.

Compatible with the following models:

Fits Bergamont (aka gear hanger BGM-H017) frames:
Bergamont Allride Comp 2007-2009
Bergamont Allride Pro 2007-2010
Bergamont A-Ride 2007-2010
Bergamont Beluga 2010
Bergamont Beluga Allround 2007-2009
Bergamont Beluga Disc 2010
Bergamont Beluga Speed 2010
Bergamont Beluga Sport 2007-2009
Bergamont Bergamonster 2009-2010
Bergamont Blades 2009-2010
Bergamont Blades 1 2009
Bergamont Blades Dirt 2007-2009
Bergamont Blades Disc 2009-2010
Bergamont Contrail 2009-2013
Bergamont Crosstec Disc 2007-2010
Bergamont Deer Hunter 2007-2010
Bergamont Enduro 2007
Bergamont Fastlane 2009-2012
Bergamont Fluxus 2010
Bergamont Fluxus Allround 2007-2009
Bergamont Fluxus Sport 2007-2009
Bergamont Horizon 2007-2010
Bergamont Icee 2007-2009
Bergamont Icee Disc 2009
Bergamont Kiez 040 2011
Bergamont Kiez Comp 2007-2009
Bergamont Kiez Flow 2010
Bergamont Kiez Pro 2007-2010
Bergamont Kiez Team 2007-2014
Bergamont Metric 2014
Bergamont Metric FMN 2014
Bergamont Platinum Alloy 2007-2013
Bergamont Platinum Carbon 2008-2010
Bergamont Platinum Disc 2010
Bergamont Platoon Alu 2011
Bergamont Platoon FMN 2009-2012
Bergamont Prime Tec 2007-2010
Bergamont Prime Tec Disc 2008-2010
Bergamont Revox Alloy 2011-2014
Bergamont Stallion 2007-2009
Bergamont Stallion Disc 2007-2009
Bergamont Tattoo 2011-2014
Bergamont Tattoo Ltd 2010-2014
Bergamont Threesome 2007-2010
Bergamont Vitess 2007-2010
Bergamont Vitox 8.2 FMN 2011-2014
Bergamont Vitox 8.3 FMN 2011-2014
Bergamont Vitox 8.4 FMN 2011-2014
Bergamont Vitox 9.1 2011-2014
Bergamont Vitox 9.1 FMN 2011-2014

What is a derailleur hanger and how does it work?

Derailleur hangers (also known as hanger dropouts) are bike components that are screwed on the frame’s rear ends, in order to be joined to the derailleur itself. They have a very basic, and important, function – keeping the derailleur in place and preventing it from breaking in the event of an impact. Thanks to this little piece, you will prevent severe or irreparable damage to your bike’s derailleur. They are normally made of cold forged 6061 aluminium, don’t offer resistance and can be bent or broken easily with a light impact.

At Wizbiker, we recommend that you buy a spare derailleur hanger together with your bike. If you hadn’t thought about it then, you can do it later. You can either find the original one or a compatible one, because most frames by the main cycling brands are produced at the same factories, and their geometries are similar.

About PILO Brand

Pilo was established in Israel and began manufacturing at the end of 2003. As a trusted subcontractor for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), we produce a range of parts for use in diverse industries.Pilo precision machining specializes in producing high-end bicycle parts. We have a huge selection of derailleur hangers, with over 750 different types and growing every day. We also offer state of the are 6061 aluminum bash guards in various sizes and colors.
Pilo hangers are made with 6061 T651 ""aicraft"" anodized aluminium, 100% made ""with love"" in Israel. Finish and stiffness of Pilo hangers are significantly hihger than the majority of original cast hangers.

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Pilo D505 Derailleur Hanger For Bergamont Black

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