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Pilo D57 Derailleur Hanger For GT Avalanche Zum Zaskar Nomad, KHS

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About Pilo D57 Derailleur Hanger For GT Avalanche Zum Zaskar Nomad, KHS

  • CNC machined 6061 aluminum


  • Please notice the measurements, because there is a very similar hanger for newer frames - D723


  • 2006 - Avalanche 1.0, Avalanche Expert, Avalanche Pro, Zaskar
  • 2007 - Avalanche 2.0, Avalanche 1.0, Avalanche Expert, Zaskar Expert and Pro, Zum 4.0, Zum 3.0, Zum 2.0, Zum 1.0, Nomad, Nomad Sport, Nomad Ltd., Marathon 2.0, Marathon 3.0, I-drive 4.0
  • 2008 - Avalanche, Marathon, Nomad, Nomad Sport, Timberline, Zaskar
  • 2009 - Some frames
  • 2010 – Marathon carbon team, Sensor 1.0, Sensor 2.0, Sensor 3.0, Marathon carbon pro, Marathon carbon expert, GTW Zaskar expert, Zaskar 9r pro, Zaskar carbon team, Zaskar expert, Zaskar carbon team XX, Zaskar carbon pro, Zaskar carbon expert, Zaskar 9r expert, GTW Avalanche 2.0 disc, GTW Avalanche 3.0 disc, Avalanche expert, GTW Avalanche 1.0 disc, Avalanche 2.0 disc, GTW Avalanche 3.0, Avalanche 3.0 disc, GTW Sensor 2.0
  • 2011 - Avalanche 1.0 disc, 2.0 hydraulic disc, expert , 1.0 disc GTW, 2.0 disc, 2.0 disc GTW, 3.0 , 3.0 disc, 2.0 mechanical disc, Avalanche 2.0, 3.0
    Karakoram 1.0 , 2.0 , 3.0
    Sensor 1.0 , 2.0 GTw , 2.0 , 29"ER expert, 3.0 , 4.0 , 29"ER pro
    Zaskar 29"ER pro, 29"ER expert
  • Fits various KHS frames

Please compare the picture to the hanger you have on your bike in order to find the right one

About PILO Brand

Pilo precision machining specializes in producing high-end bicycle parts. We have a huge selection of derailleur hangers, with over 450 different types and growing every day. We also offer state of the are 6061 aluminum bash guards in various sizes and colors.
Pilo hangers are made with 6061 T651 "aicraft" anodized aluminium, 100% made "with love" in Israel. Finish and stiffness of Pilo hangers are significantly hihger than the majority of original cast hangers.

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Pilo D57 Derailleur Hanger For GT Avalanche Zum Zaskar Nomad, KHS

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