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-10% Shimano BL-4700 Tiagra Road Brake Lever

About Shimano BL-4700 Tiagra Road Brake Lever

SHIMANO TIAGRA - Brake Lever for V-BRAKE, Mechanical Disc Brake, Caliper (new SUPER SLR), Cantilever Brake - Clamp Band - Flat Bar Road

Perfect for flat bar road bikes, the SHIMANO TIAGRA BL-4700 is compatible with V-BRAKE, NEW SUPER SLR caliper, and mechanical disc brakes. The comfortable, ergonomic lever features reach adjust and pairs perfectly with the SL-4700 shifter.

Intrinsically designed to function seamlessly with the SL-4700 shift lever

The right braking solutions for every type of rider

  • Compatible brake type (V-BRAKE, mechanical disc brake, caliper type, canti brake)
  • Flat handlebar spec to compatible with road caliper brake type

Comfortable and ergonomic lever profile

  • Reach adjust


  • MODEL NO        BL-4700
  • SERIES         TIAGRA 4700 Series
  • Color          Series color
  • Brake cable type       T-type
  • Cable adjust     
  • Cable adjust type        Two hand
  • Clamp band_Diameter (mm)        22.2
  • Compatible brake type_Cantilever brake       
  • Compatible brake type_Caliper (NEW SUPER SLR)       
  • Compatible brake type_Mechanical disc brake (Road)     ✔
  • Compatible brake type_V-BRAKE     ✔ 
  • Lever size (finger)       2.5
  • Internal bumper stop       
  • Lever size (Finger)          2.5
  • Reach adjust         ✔

About Shimano Brand

Shimano Iron Works, the predecessor of Shimano Inc., was established in 1921 by Shozaburo Shimano in Sakai city, Osaka Japan. The first production was the bicycle single freewheel, required the greatest technical skill to produce. In 1951, the company’s name changed to Shimano Industrial Co.LTD.

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Shimano BL-4700 Tiagra Road Brake Lever

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