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Token ABC-550 Plastic Bottle Cage Black

About Token ABC-550 Plastic Bottle Cage Black

There is no special material, colourful paint or fancy features with the MTX bottle cage. It just does a really good job of holding onto your bottle when the road or trail is bad. But thanks to a good design, the bottle is easy to get in when you’re in a hurry and easy to get out when you’re dying for a drink.

Specifications :

  • Weight : 28 g
  • Color : Black
  • Product Code : TK550-B
  • Includes: 2 x Bolts

About Token Brand

Token was founded in Taichung Taiwan in 2002 by James Chang, but it started many years before that. James’ Mechanical Engineering background saw him involved with some of the largest cycling brands known to us today. Here he built up an extensive knowledge base and skill set about the production of bicycle parts and compilation of completed bikes. James’ 27 years of experience working closely with the leaders in the cycling industry showed him that precision is key to making products that enhance and benefit the rider. This experience gave him the confidence to start his own brand that stood for what he believed in: Passion, Innovation and Craftsmanship.

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Token ABC-550 Plastic Bottle Cage Black

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