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wizID FIT Band(Band only)

WizID FIT Band Only

This is a SPARE/REPLACEMENT band for wizID FIT. Buy this only if you need an extra band or need to replace an old one. This band is compatible only with wizID FIT tag.

No need to spend extra if the only thing you\'re looking to change is the wizID FIT band. Now wizID FIT Band is available in range of colors to choose from, all to suit your style and mood.

Note: It includes only wizID FIT band and not the information tag.


  • Highly durable nylon band
  • Equipped with Velcro strap adjuster
  • Stainless steel corrosion free identity tag
  • Reflective detailing
  • Your essential information holder

About wizID Bands

It’s a sports ID bracelet for sportsperson with all your emergency contact information you wear when you go out for a ride, run, hike or spend time outdoor. At, you’re free to choose from three different wizID bands – wizID SLEEK, wizID SMART, and wizID FIT. All the three wizID band come equipped with a band and a tag with all your emergency information laser etched on it. wizID SLEEK is just a silicone-nylon band and a tag with your emergency information laser etched on it. Whereas wizID SMART(available in five colors) come equipped with a buckle closure(like a wristwatch) and a tag with all your emergency information. Where wizID FIT is made up of high-quality nylon band come equipped with a Velcro strap adjustment which makes for a snug fit and a tag for all your essential information.

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wizID FIT Band(Band only)

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