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Skin Elements Hand Hygiene Wipes (Pack of 30)

About Skin Elements Hand Hygiene Wipes (Pack of 30)

Hand hygiene is an important part of our health routine, accumulation of sweat, dirt & bacteria (germs) in hands can cause bacterial or fungal infections and allergies leading to foul odor. Skin Elements Hand Hygiene Wipes is a gentle yet effective method of cleansing the hands on the go. These wipes are made using a unique formula which is alcohol and paraben-free, these pH balanced wipes help you get rid of discomfort such as itching and gently cleanses the hands.

How To Use ?

Step 1: Take out one individual hand hygiene wipe from the box

Step 2: Peel of the protective wrap from the wipe

Step 3: Unfold the wipe and gently cleanse your hand

Step 4: Let the skin absorb the wipe residue


Aqua, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Benzoate, PEG-40 Hydrogenerated Castor Oil,Fragrance, Aloevera leaf extract,Citric acid, Sodium Hydroxide

About Skin Elements Brand

Skin Elements launched in 2017, amidst growing awareness about personal hygiene, and availability of products on ecommerce platforms. One of their first products was niche in the market - foaming intimate wash for men.

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Skin Elements Hand Hygiene Wipes (Pack of 30)

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