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wizID SLEEK Band

wiz ID SLEEK is made up of extremely durable silicone band and a steel tag with all your emergency contact information laser etched on it. The reflective detailing enhances visibility in low-light conditions.

The steel tag can accommodate 4 text fields worth of important emergency contact information, which will be provided by you. The same information will be used to contact your relatives, will act as your saviour in case you have an unexpected event during the run, ride or hike or other adventurous sports activities you’re a part of.

Name, blood group, age, contact information of family/relatives who you think will be able to act quickly in dire circumstances, any allergic reaction or any other equally important information which you think the first responder should know about you would be nice to have laser etched on your wiz ID band.

Above, you’ve 4 text fields (each field can accommodate 25 characters maximum) worth of space to jot down all your emergency contact information. To extend a helping hand, there’re hints given in each line to help you fill the emergency contact information along with the few sample of wiz ID SLEEK emergency band photos included on the product page.

Sizing: M, L and XL.

Note: It includes band and tag, both.


FITS WRIST SIZE6" - 6.5"6.6" - 7.1"7.2" - 8"






How to personalize the wiz ID band?

1. Select your preferred wizID band size.

2. Fill in your ID Tag content as per the guidelines given below.

  • Line 1 :- You can choose to write your name or blood group in the first field.
  • Line 2 :- In the second field, you may choose to highlight your city, date of birth or the community, group you usually ride/run with.
  • Line 3 :- Family member name along with the working contact information.
  • Line 4 :- Contact information of your family/friend/relative.

3. After that, add the wiz ID to cart and proceed to checkout.

Please treat these as a guidelines to personalize the wiz ID band, you may, however choose to personalize your wiz ID band as per your liking.

Note:- What you type is what you get. All the text will be changed to UPPER CASE and center aligned by us.

Note:- We’ll treat the information provided by you final(and correct) before processing your order. Please ensure that the information provided by you is 100% correct.


  • Extremely durable silicone snap-on emergency sports band
  • Stainless steel corrosion free identity tag
  • Your essential information holder

About wizID Bands

It’s a sports ID bracelet for sportsperson like you with all your emergency contact information you wear when you go out for a ride, run, hike or spend time outdoor. At, you’re free to choose from three different wizID bands – wizID SLEEK, wizID SMART, and wizID FIT. All the three wizID band come equipped with a band and a tag with all your emergency information laser etched on it. wizID SLEEK is just a silicone-nylon band and a tag with your emergency information laser etched on it. Whereas wizID SMART(available in five colors) come equipped with a buckle closure(like a wristwatch) and a tag with all your emergency information. Where wizID FIT is made up of high-quality nylon band come equipped with a Velcro strap adjustment which makes for a snug fit and a tag for all your essential information.

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